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Proven practices for predictable results

We are the patterns & practices team. We are passionate about software craftsmanship. Our purpose is to help developers be successful on Microsoft platforms. We discover, collect, and encourage practices that bring joy to engineering software.

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The patterns and practices we harvest come from experience, and mature through dialog. An essential component for our projects is advisory boards, the members range from subject matter experts to passionate novices. We engage with independent consultants, entrepreneurial startups, and representatives of large enterprise teams across a variety of industries. Our deliverables include both guidance and reusable code.

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We work openly in an agile manner with the developer community and industry experts, on every project, to ensure that some of the best minds in the industry have contributed to, and reviewed the guidance as it's being developed. We also love our role of bringing together the diverse Microsoft technologies into a unified and holistic solution and sharing with you our experiences and learning from these journeys.

What to do next
  • Explore the patterns & practices catalog.
  • Dive into our solutions and learn.
  • Join our community projects on CodePlex, where we share our progress on active developments and explore future directions.

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