Before we can talk about useful practices, we first need to prove them through actual engineering work. But translating that engineering work into practical guidance requires strong communication skills. There's no point in collecting and compiling guidance, unless we can make that guidance accessible to as many developers as possible. We believe that documentation is as central to our work as source code. Every one of our guidance projects includes a dedicated writer.

We have an opening on our team for a Content Developer. We're looking for someone:

  • passionate about communicating to other developers,
  • who groks information architecture and content strategy,
  • in love with learning about new technologies and approaches, and
  • excited to work in the team room as a first class member of the guidance team.

Check out the formal job description for more details or if you are interested in applying.

N.B. We author all of our content in markdown and manage it using the same git-based workflow that we use for source code.